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Custom Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Channel Letters


Large Format Digital Printing


Media Advantage is capable of providing vibrant full color banners, signs, vehicle graphics, floor graphics, backdrops, event decorations, and more. Fast Turnaround, Affordable Short Run Projects, Sharp Detail Photo Realistic, Weather Durable, Many Materials and Over laminates to Choose From.


Looking for brilliant graphics that attract customers to your booth? You've come to the right place! Our equipment gives you bright graphics and crisp photos that demand attention. Our designers have produced effective trade show graphics for thousands of trade show booths. Let us put our know-how to work for you!


Full color pieces demand attention and sell more goods. Our digital printing process is economical below 200 pieces of the same image. Much of what we do for retail displays will go in windows, and we use our UV stable inks that will not fade in the sun. We've had them in store windows for two years now without any visible fading, although in a south facing window in Phoenix you might get less time out of them.




Store displays that announce events, with a life of a few weeks, can use the standard inks. We often see people using large paper prints for this kind of thing. When you want your store display to last, we suggest you laminate, since a piece of paper will start to look ragged after a while.


Our outdoor vinyl banners can be printed from your PC or Mac file, or we can design your banner for you. Since we use uncoated vinyl banner material, it's less expensive than other methods, gives you a more durable vinyl banner, and it can be substantially discounted for volumes. Turnaround time is 48-72 hours from receiving your file. We can print on either gloss or matte finish vinyl.


Our meeting and event signs make it a breeze to put together your function. Whether it's room signs, informational displays, or directional signs, we can help you do it easily and affordably. Since we support all of the common programs, you can often design your event signs yourself, saving time and money. For meeting room signs that will sit on an easel, we usually produce 22x28 or 24x36 paper prints mounted on foamcore board. These signs will last a day or two and are easy on the budget


Large Checks
Typically they are 18" x 36" or 22" x 44" in size.
Usually big checks are paper mounted on foamcore board, to avoid reflection trouble with flash pictures. We can also laminate with a gloss finish plastic, which allows you to write on them with a dry erase marker and use them over again. When taking pictures of a gloss laminated big check, you will want to tilt the check slightly away from the camera to avoid flash reflections.


We produce color zoning plan sets quickly and affordable. Community planners tell us that color zoning plans are easier to read and understand than black and white plans, reducing mistakes and lowering costs. Send pdf files through our online ordering, and we'll have your color zoning plan sets done in short order! We also offer plastic laminating and foamcore mounting. Lamination makes your prints waterproof and exceptionally durable. Foamboard mounting is useful when you want to display a print on an easel, such as during a planning board presentation. Our standard paper is heavyweight 36 lb for increased durability and strength. The drawing above has approximately 50% ink coverage.